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Submersible Water Level Sensor Used in Water Piping System

September 28, 2021

We received an inquiry from a Singapore company regarding our submersible water level sensor. He actually was recommended by his friend who is our regular customer for many years.

He introduced his application and would like us to confirm if our submersible water level sensor HPT604 can be used for it: the water level is about 40 meters below the surface. When switched on, the pump lowers the water to 50 meters below the surface. The company plans to use the system to fill a tank and would like to operate automatically by switching on when the water has returned to about 40 meters below level and off at about 50 meters below the ground.

                                                                              Submersible water level sensors are used for water measurement

Our submersible water level sensor HPT604 series can meet this requirement. It is a probe which is immersed in water with measurement range up to 200 meters or more, and is capable to provide continuous water level data. When it is used in piping system, it can work together with pumps, controllers and other devices to provide automatic monitoring and control.


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