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Why Clamp On Ultrasonic Water Flow Meters Not Measure Mud

September 28, 2021

Yesterday we received an inquiry from South Africa regarding our clamp on ultrasonic water flow meter UF2000M: Is it capable to measure mud or sludge in pipes?

Actually, our UF2000M is a clamp on ultrasonic water flow meter that can measure raw water, drinking water, tap water, or chilled water, etc. which has no much impurities contained. It can't measure mud or sludge since the impurities and particles contained would affect the transmission of ultrasound, which impose bad impact on signals. Generally we would not recommend this ultrasonic flow meters for mud, sludge measurement.

In this application, our electromagnetic flow meter 4800 series are recommended. Due to different working principle, this kind of flow meters are capable of liquid and fluid including water, pulp or mud which conductivity is ≥5μs/cm.

Different flow meters suit different cases, the clamp on ultrasonic water flow meters have various advantages, such as no production shutdown or penetration of pipes, and are portable to carry to other measurement site for another project.


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