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TOP 20 Global Sensor Manufacturers

Jun 18 , 2024

The article lists 20 lesser-known but highly capable sensor companies all over the world.


Note: The ranking is in no particular order


Merit Sensor


KWJ Engineering Inc



First Sensor      







KEYENCE Corporation


Baumer Group


City Technology

Spectra Symbol

ams AG


1. Raytek

Country: USA


Overview: Founded in 1963, Raytek is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. Raytek is one of the largest producers of non-contact infrared thermometers globally. The company offers a variety of infrared thermometers and temperature sensors, covering a measurement range of -50℃ to +3000℃. These instruments are widely used in equipment fault diagnosis, metallurgy, heat treatment, power, railways, and the food industry. Currently, Raytek is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fluke Corporation.

Main Sensor Products: Temperature sensors.


2. Merit Sensor

Country: USA


Overview: Established in 1991, Merit Sensor is a leader in the piezoresistive pressure sensor field. Their products, capable of operating in a temperature range from -40℃ to +150℃, are widely used in medical, automotive, industrial, and aerospace sectors. Besides standard products, Merit offers customized design and manufacturing services.

Main Sensor Products: Piezoresistive pressure chips and pressure sensors.



Country: Germany


Overview: Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Waldkirch, Germany, SICK has established branches in over 40 countries. SICK China, founded in 1994, has become a significant supplier of intelligent sensor solutions in Asia, serving industries like packaging, food and beverage, transportation, electronics, and textiles.

Main Sensor Products: Photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, and identification sensors.


4. KWJ Engineering

Country: USA


Overview: Established in 1993, KWJ Engineering specializes in gas detection sensors, incorporating nanotechnology into gas detection instruments. Their MEMS nano-sensors provide low power solutions for detecting gases like methane, hydrogen, and CO2.

Main Sensor Products: Gas sensors.


5. Pepperl+Fuchs

Country: Germany


Overview: Founded in 1945 in Mannheim, Germany, Pepperl+Fuchs is known for its revolutionary inductive sensor introduced in 1958. The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic sensors and components for the global automation market.

Main Sensor Products: Inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors.


6. di-soric

Country: Germany


Overview: Established in 1986, di-soric specializes in the development and manufacture of industrial automation sensors, known for their high quality and reliability. Their product range includes U-shaped and L-shaped photoelectric sensors.

Main Sensor Products: Photoelectric sensors, capacitive label sensors, color mark sensors.


7. First Sensor AG

Country: Germany


Overview: Originally founded as Silicon Sensor GmbH in 1991, First Sensor AG has become a leading provider of sensor solutions worldwide. They offer products from chips and components to complete sensor systems, supporting industries like industrial automation, medical technology, and automotive.

Main Sensor Products: Optical sensors, pressure sensors, force sensors.


8. Proxitron

Country: Germany


Overview: Proxitron, established in 1979, specializes in high-temperature and proximity sensors for steel production lines. Their sensors are renowned for their reliability and safety, widely used in the steel and metallurgical industries.

Main Sensor Products: High-temperature sensors, thermal flow sensors, infrared temperature sensors.



Country: Switzerland


Overview: Founded in 1974, KELLER is a renowned manufacturer of piezoresistive pressure sensors. Their products are used across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and environmental technology.

Main Sensor Products: Piezoresistive pressure sensors, capacitive liquid level sensors.



Country: Italy


Overview: Established in 1988, Sensitron specializes in industrial gas detection. They offer sensors and monitoring systems for detecting combustible and toxic gases, widely used in chemical, metallurgical, and municipal industries.

Main Sensor Products: Catalytic combustion sensors, electrochemical sensors, gas sensors.



Country: Switzerland


Overview: MEMSENS focuses on the development and production of pressure sensors and transmitters. They offer both standard products and customized solutions, collaborating closely with clients for tailored sensor technology.

Main Sensor Products: Pressure sensor elements, isolated pressure sensors, pressure transmitters.


12 Holykell

Country: China


Overview: Founded in 2001, Holykell is know for its high quality products and unique customization service. They focus on R&D and manufacture of sensors that are commonly used in industries including water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, industrial automation and more.

Main Sensor Products: Pressure sensors, level sensors, IoT solutions.


13. Gefran S.p.A

Country: Italy


Overview: Founded in 1969, Gefran is headquartered in Italy, with multiple manufacturing plants and sales offices worldwide. They specialize in melt pressure sensors for plastics, metals, and hydraulic applications.

Main Sensor Products: Linear displacement sensors, melt pressure sensors, temperature sensors.


14. KEYENCE Corporation

Country: Japan


Overview: Founded in 1974, KEYENCE is a leading provider of automation sensors with a global presence. They focus on high-end, reliable, and precise sensor solutions for industrial automation.

Main Sensor Products: Fiber optic sensors, laser sensors, proximity sensors.


15. Microsensor

Country: China


Overview: Founded in 1970s, Microsensor is a leading Chinese manufacturer specializing in pressure sensing technologies. Their pressure sensors are widely used in industrial automation, HVAC systems, and medical devices.

Main Sensor Products: piezoresistive, capacitive, and strain gauge sensors. 


16. Baumer

Country: Switzerland


Overview: Founded in 1952, Baumer is a leading supplier of sensors for factory and process automation. They offer a wide range of high-quality sensor products.

Main Sensor Products: Capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, magnetic sensors.


17. BSE

Country: South Korea


Overview: Established in 1987, BSE is the fourth largest global supplier of MEMS microphones. Their primary client is Samsung, and they produce miniature microphones for mobile phones and other applications.

Main Sensor Products: MEMS microphones.


18. City Technology

Country: UK


Overview: Founded in 1977, City Technology specializes in gas sensors for life safety. They provide over 300 types of gas sensors for detecting 28 different gases.

Main Sensor Products: Gas sensors.


19. Spectra Symbol

Country: USA


Overview: Spectra Symbol is known for its thin-film sensor technology. Their sensors, including Flex Sensor and SoftPot, are used in medical devices, aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications.

Main Sensor Products: Magnetic sensors, flex sensors, position sensors.


20.ams AG

Country: Austria


Overview: Founded in 1981, ams AG is a leading manufacturer of high-performance analog and mixed-signal ICs and sensor solutions. They focus on optical, imaging, and audio sensors, serving industries like automotive, industrial, medical, and mobile devices.

Main Sensor Products: Magnetic sensors, capacitive sensors, imaging sensors.

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