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Vortex Flow Meter Common Problems and Troubleshooting

Mar 02 , 2024

Vortex flowmeter, as one of the most commonly used instrument for measuring fluid flow in closed pipelines, runs through the fields of industrial production, energy measurement, environmental protection, pharmaceutic and more. By mastering the common troubleshooting of the vortex flowmeter as above and finding out the cause, we can eliminates the failure in time.

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Phenomenon 1-No display

The causes include Failure of power supply, the power is not wired, the cable is broken, and the wiring is wrong. Download the solutions here.

Phenomenon 2-The flow rate is displayed as 0 but there is flow in the pipe

The causes include flow rate is lower than the meter’s lower limit, the flow of small signal cut off is too high, energy threshold value is too high, transmitter failure, the sensor damage, and the pipe or sensor blockage.

Phenomenon 3-There are flow readings but no flow in the pipe

The causes include power frequency interference, high voltage devices or high frequency interference around the flow meter, heavy vibration along the pipe line, and the valve is not closed properly and there is flow leak into the pipe.

Phenomenon 4-The flow rate reading fluctuate significantly

The causes include the gasket and the pipe are not concentric, the flow meter pipe body and the pipe line are not concentric, the straight pipe section is not long enough or the inner diameter of the flow meter pipe body do not match the pipeline, heavy vibration on the pipe line, the fluid is not full in the pipe, two phase flow or the transmitter failure.

Phenomenon 5-Big difference between the flow reading and the process flow rate

The causes include no density compensation for steam measurement, the estimated flow rate before using the meter is wrong or incorrect settings

If you meet any problems during use, contact us for professional instructions. 

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