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Water In Fuel Sensor or WIF Sensor

September 28, 2021

WIF Sensor, short for Water In Fuel Sensor, is used to determine the presence of water in our diesel fuel or gasoline. It indicates the presence of water in the fuel. We recommend using it to prevent damage to our engine fuel injection system.

                                                              WIF sensors are used for fuel filters

Features of Holykell WIF sensors:

● Accuracy: ≤±0.25%F.S.

●Wide working temperature scope

●Advanced digital temperature compensation.

●Excellent resistance against impact and overload:1.5 times range standard overload.

●High shock and erosion resistance, long working life.

●3 times range burst pressure

●Various signal output supported

WIF sensors indicate the presence or absence of water in the fuel filter housing, and are widely used in fuel tanks to prevent fuel injector damage.


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