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HPT604-FW Water In Fuel Sensor

The HPT604-FW Water in fuel sensor (WIF sensor) are mainly used in water existence, fuel level and fuel temperature monitoring in fuel tanks. It is made by imported high stable and reliable OEM piezo-resistive pressure sensor with water detect sensors and high accurate circuit board into the stainless steel housing.

Application :

●Water Detector/Monitoring of Fuel Tanks

●Diesel Tank Level Monitor Systems

●Water Under Oil and Fuel Level Monitor

●Oil And Water Separation Location Detection

●Position Detector Of Silt Layer

●Water Level Position Detector

01High accuracy up to 0.25%FS.
02It can make a distinction between water and oil in fuel tank.
03High sensitive performance with 316L stainless steel probe tip.
04It can measure the liquid level, temperature, and alarm when water is detected.
05It's performance exceeds that of magnetostrictive level sensor with low cost only.

Technical Data

Level range

0m~0.5m…20m Optional

Water Exist alarm Output

ohm, or PNP switch, or NPN switch signal output optional.
Water detection signal: ohm signal (When≥100 Ω, it means that water has been detected, and 0 ohm means no water exists).

Fuel Level Output

4~20mA,0~5V, 0~10V,RS485 Modbus RTU optional

Power Supply

DC 7...30V,DC 8...30V,DC 13...30V,DC 7...30V

Temperature Compensation

0~50℃(Typical);-10~60℃(by customized)

Medium Temp.

-30...70 ℃

Intrinsic safety Certificate

Exia IICT6

Water Proof Grade


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