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How We Use Water Level Dip Meters

September 28, 2021

Water level dip meters are a water level sensor typically used to measure the depth of water levels in boreholes, standpipes or observation wells. It features an indicator and a graduated cable. And it will buzz when the probe contacts with the water.

Here are some notices when using these water level dip meters:

1. Lower the probe down the borehole or wells until the audio and visual indicator signify the presence of water.

2. Raise the probe until the audio and visual indicators stop.

3. Slowly lower the probe again until the audio and visual indicators are clear and distinct.

4. Record the depth at the top of the borehole or well using the graduated measuring tape.

5. After completing all readings, clean the probe and tape before re-winding the tape back onto the reel.

                                                          water level dip meters are used for water level measurement

In a word, follow the precautions outlined in the manufacture's manual at all times to properly use and maintain the water level dip meters.


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