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What Solids Can Ultrasonic Level Sensors Detect?

January 04, 2023

Ultrasonic level sensor, as one of the commnonly used level monitors, has a wide application range since it can detect the level of both liquids and solids. Following we will discuss what specific solids ultrasonic level sensors can measure.

No.1, Powdered solids

Generally ultrasonic level sensors are NOT recommended to measure powdered solids such as foam particles, flour, soybean powder, dust, cement, fly ash, wood residue. As you may know that when an ultrasonic level sensor with a range of 10 meters measures flour, only up to a distance of about 2 meters can be measured. The measurement effect and result are not so good. There are few solids can be measured by ultrasonic level sensors, such as solid powder with density greater than 3000 kg/m3, such as yellow sand, iron powder, stone powder and so on.

No.2, Granular solids

Ultrasonic level sensors can detect granular solids with diameter greater than 3 mm, and density greater than 1000 kg/m3. When there is no dust, the measurement range of ultrasonic level sensor selected should be 3 times larger than the actual.

ultrasonic level sensor installation


No. 3, Lumpy solids

Ultrasonic level sensors can measure lumpy solids without dust, while note that the measurement range we selecte should be 3 times larger than the actual.

When we detect different medium and for different applications, we should note that different materials or types of ultrasonic level sensors may be used. Therefore, to guarantee the measurement effect, please advise our engineer the specific working environment and application so we can recommend you the most suitable product.


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