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UE3003 Wiring Type Ultrasonic Level Sensor

UE3003 is an ultrasonic level sensor. It offers accurate non-contact liquid level and distance measurement using sound waves. With its compact design and high accuracy, it is suitable for various applications. It features reverse polarity protection, surge lightning protection, anti-obstacle interference and provides reliable and real-time data, making it a versatile solution for monitoring liquid levels in tanks and containers

Application :

● Water, oil, diesel level measurement

● Treatment plants

● Food industry

● Rivers, channels, lakes

01 0-50℃ wide automatic temperature compensation
02 Advanced algorithm adopted, not affected by low temperature
03 2.5m, 5m, 10m, 15m wide measuring ranges with mall blind area
04 Up to 0.25%F.S accuracy customized
05 Short response time, power-off self-recovery function
06 IP67 high protection class, IP68 can be customized

Technical Data

Measuring range

2.5m, 5m, 10m, 15m, others on request

Blind area






0.5%F.S (typical), 0.25%F.S (by customized)

Output signal

RS485+4~20mA; RS485+0~5V

Power supply

10~30VDC(24VDC recommended, 7~30VDC by customized)

Working temperature

-10~50℃(-40~80℃ by customized)

IP rating

IP67 typical, IP68 by customized


ultrasonic level sensor applications

Connect to Remote Display

ultrasonic level sensor installation cases

Explosion-proof ex ATEX

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