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What We Benefit From Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meters?

September 14, 2022

Ultrasonic open channel flow meter is an ideal device for channels, flumes and weirs. It uses ultrasonic reflection to determine the distance from the bottom of the ultrasonic probe to the water surface. The elapsed time between when the signal is transmitted and when it is received determines the water level.

Key Benefits of Holykell Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meters

-Reliable performance with impressive accuracy.

-Non-contact measurement adopted, with little maintenance required since no moving parts.

-Simple to Install with a long operational life -Immune to the effects of crystallization, silting, suspended solids and grease, corrosive medium

-Different output signals and power supply supported

-Easy to setup and remote monitoring can be realized through wireless module

-Run as an economical flow/level/total volume monitoring solution.

-Harsh working environment capable, for example, when the operational environment is with floating, foam, steam, high temperature, it can still work fine. We have solutions.

ultrasonic open channel flow meter

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