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What are the types of liquid turbine flow meters?

June 11, 2021

In traditional concepts, liquid turbine flow meters do not seem to be very important to us. However, in actual working conditions, various types of fuel, acid and alkali corrosion solutions and water flow measurement are common to us. Therefore, I think that understanding the different liquid turbine flow meters can improve our work efficiency, and at the same time, it can also allow us to master more flowmeter usage skills.

What are Electronic Fuel Meters Used For?

Electronic fuel meters should be the flow meters most closely related to our lives. It is often used on the fuel nozzles of gas stations to monitor the flow of gas and diesel so that the staff can accurately control the amount of fuel. According to reports from the World Meteorological Organization, high and low temperatures not only affect oil products, but also easily cause nature. Therefore, the all-aluminum shell is not only durable, but also explosion-proof. Taking into account that direct sunlight will affect people's temporary blindness, the non-reflective LCD display is more convenient for reading. In addition, the manufacturer has completed automatic calibration for gas or diesel before leaving the factory, so even novices can use it independently.


Electronic fuel meters for fuel nozzles


What does a Turbine Flow Meter Do?

The turbine flow meter we often say belongs to the micro turbine flow meter. Based on the pipe diameter range of D15-200 mm, it can be applied to most pipeline installations. In order to meet the needs of most medium measurement, it's PTFE lining material is compatible with acid-base solutions or sewage and other medium measurement. The thrust structure design of cemented carbide bearings not only ensures the measurement accuracy, but also improves the wear resistance.


Turbine flow meters for liquids


Facts have proved that different types of liquid turbine flow meters represent different processes and performances, and there are differences in the environment and measured medium. I hope that the above sharing can provide you with a substantial reference.