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What is Water in Fuel Sensor

December 21, 2020

There are not many people who know the sensor called water in fuel sensor. While for gas and oil industry, it plays a very important role.

What is Water in Fuel Sensor

Water in fuel sensor, sometimes abbreviated to WIF sensor, is a device designed to detect the presence or absence of water in fuel or gasoline.As you may know a certain degree of water would form during periods of no activity, or from other storage tanks, or from condensation, alcohol in fuel, high humidity, and etc, and it would stay at the bottom of the oil or fuel. If water exists in the engine fuel system, injection system damage may cause, and it would be hard to start or result in loss of power, misfiring, surging or stalling.


                                                                                         water in fuel sensor is used for measurement of water in fuel


Detection of water by using water in fuel sensor can prevent or at least reduce damage by water. This sensor is specially designed to be able to detect the water level in such application, typically immersed in fuel or oil and placed close to the bottom of tanks or vessels. Through drainage of the water in a timely manner, we can keep the purity and quality of oil or fuel and well protect the engines.


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