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Why We Need a WIF in Diesel Tanks

December 22, 2020

WIF, namely water in fuel sensor, is a very useful device for diesel tanks. And more and more people start using it to detect the water presence in fuel in recent years.

Why We Need a Water in Fuel Sensor in Diesel Tanks

The reason why we need a WIF sensor lies in that as you all know that if the diesel contains water, it will pose a bad impact on diesel engines. The water content exceeding the limit not only damages the performance and durability of engines but also causes serious failure. Water in the tanks is not added on purpose or artificially but is generated with the time or from some activities, which can't be avoid.

                                                    WIF sensor is used for measurement of water in fuel

By using WIF sensor, we can drain the water prompt thus the fuel quality is improved. As different from gas engines, diesel can be not only as fuel but also help lubricate the fuel pump and injectors. If water content is too much, the elements would abrade abnormally and accidents would happen.


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