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Use Notes of Differential Pressure Sensors

April 30, 2021

Most of our customers use differential pressure sensors in HVAC, critical environment, medical industry, and what we often emphasize to them is the use notes since it is related to the product lifespan.

                                                          Differential pressure sensors are used for DP measurement

How to Use Differential Pressure Sensors

1. Do not apply a voltage higher than 36V, which may damage the sensor;

2. Do not touch the diaphragm with hard objects, so as not to damage the isolation diaphragm;

3. Frozen medium is not allowed, otherwise it damages the differential pressure sensor element isolation diaphragm and the sensor. If necessary, temperature protection is required to prevent freezing;

4. When measuring steam or other high-temperature media, the temperature should not exceed the limit when the sensor is used, and a cooling device must be used when the temperature is higher than the limit;

5. In the process of pressure transmission, the following should be paid attention to:

a. No air leakage at the connection between the sensor and the cooling pipe;

b. Before use, if the valve is closed, open the valve very carefully and slowly, so as not to directly impact the sensor diaphragm by the measured medium and thereby damage the sensor diaphragm;

c. The pipeline must be kept unobstructed, otherwise the sediment in the pipeline will pop up and damage the sensor diaphragm.


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