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HPT675S Remote Water Level Data Logger

Remote water level data logger is a self-dissolving data logger. Based on a titanium alloy casing and a lithium battery power supply design, it can be immersed in liquid for more than 10 years for a long time. The built-in temperature sensor can be used to monitor the depth, pressure and temperature of groundwater.

Application :

●Groundwater or surface water level monitoring

●Marine Environmental Engineering Project

●Flood control system or flood control level monitoring

●Real-time monitoring of the liquid level in the tank

●Industrial control system and on-site liquid level monitoring

01Self-dissolving structure, without the trouble of cable entanglement.
02Monitor liquid level, pressure and temperature data at the same time.
03Titanium alloy shell sealing structure can be used for corrosive medium.
04Full range digital calibration, temperature error compensation in the whole temperature zone.
05RS485 interface MODBUS-RTU standard communication protocol can be used in DCS or PLC system.
06Measurement accuracy is up to 0.05% FS and low-power lithium battery power technology.

Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data



Pressure Range:

0~10m H₂O…0~200m H₂O


200% F.S.

Burst Pressure

300% F.S.

Level Accuracy


Level resolution


TEMP. accuracy


TEMP. resolution




Operating temperature


Temp. compensation range


Battery life

10 years(once/60 min)

Memory capacity

>40000 pcs records(+water temp.+battery voltage+time)

Real-time clock

<±5 min/year

Supply voltage

External voltage:DC5~30V(typical 24V); Internal battery: 2.7~3.6VDC

Power protection

Protection against reverse connection,and against 2KV surge and over voltage


RS485 / MODBUS-RTU protocol, through the reader to download data to the computer

Measuring medium

Compatible with 316L stainless steel and fluororubber

Protection class


Shell material

316L stainless steel, titanium alloy, optional

Hoisting steel wire

304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel

Protection Grade



About 300 gram(Cable not included)

Ambient vibration

Bear the vibration test specified in GB / T9359

Free fall

Withstand the drop test specified in GB / t9359

Electromagnetic environment

Comply with GB / t17626.8 Level 3

Mean time between failures

Not less than 30000h


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