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Capacitive Water Level Sensor for Water Tanks

Aug 11 , 2023

In conventional thinking, capacitive water level sensors are usually used for fuel tank level monitoring. This is because the capacitive GPS tracking function can feed back the tank level data in real time, so it is more important to measure oil than water. In fact, from its name, it is clear that it can be used not only for oil level monitoring, but also for water tank level measurement. In a word, knowing more about sensors can change the way we think.


                                                                                                                                         Capacitive Water Level Sensor for Water Tanks


Based on the above comprehensive analysis of capacitive water level sensor, I should add more comprehensive knowledge of level sensor. The capacitive water level sensor is mainly used to measure water because of the capacitance changes generated by its external and internal electrodes, so as to live the residual amount of the water tank. Moreover, it can be measured in stationary or dynamic water tanks without affecting the measurement accuracy (0.25%FS). However, the length of the capacitive water level sensor is generally not more than 3 meters, and the measuring range is too large, which will not affect the measurement results, but also cause a certain impact on transportation. To sum up, it is mainly used for the level monitoring of small water tank.

I would like to emphasize again that the function of capacitive water level sensor is not as simple as you think, we need to choose the appropriate level sensor according to the actual environment.



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