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Multipurpose Capacitance level sensor for moving tanks

Aug 07, 2023

With the increasing demand of various types of tank level measurement, multipurpose capacitiance level sensors have attracted much attention. As is known to all, regardless of the chemical plant chemical reagent tanks or storage tanks are static tank of gas station, the measuring range is larger, however, multipurpose capacitance level sensor measurement can only be used for less than 3 m range of tanks, therefore, it is generally applicable to truck or small oil tank level measurement of liquid level measurement.

As you all know, the multipurpose capacitance level sensor has the following functions: on the one hand, it can be compatible with most medium measurements, and whether it is a flat bottom tank or a cone tank, it is highly adaptable and stable. On the other hand, if the measuring environment is the liquid level of the moving tank, the impact of the liquid level will affect the accuracy of the submersible fuel level sensor. In addition, the use of multipurpose capacitance level sensors to monitor the tank of the truck, and the GPS link to the controller, can monitor the oil level changes in the tank in real time, thus preventing the driver from stealing oil.

From the above facts, it is proved that the multipurpose capacitance level sensor is not only used for moving tanks, but also for static tank level measurement and other non-conductive liquid measurement.




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