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Compressed Air Pressure Sensors Used in Safety System

Aug 11 , 2023

Holykell compressed air pressure sensors are commonly used in safety systems. There are many sucessful applications in the field of safety control.

As a very common sensor, compressed air pressure sensors are mainly targeted at safety management system of the air compressor itself. In the field, considering the performance, price, safety and convenience of actual operation, it has been proved that the effect of these pressure sensors is very good. Due to its compact size, economic price, easy integration, etc., they can improve the accuracy of system testing to a certain extent. In the safety control system, the pressure brought by the compressor is controlled to a certain extent by installing such a sensor in the piping equipment of the air outlet. This is considered a certain protection measure, and also a very effective control system. When the compressor starts normally, if the pressure value measured does not reach the upper limit, the controller will open the air inlet and adjust to make the equipment reach the maximum power. Thus, installation of these sensors seems quite important.


Our compressed air pressure sensors can be used not only in air compressors, but also in water treatment equipment, industrial equipment, buildings, HVAC, automobiles, etc.

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