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Features of IOT pressure sensors’ transmission methods

Aug 11 , 2023

IOT pressure sensor is a smart instrument with low power consumption and wireless communication power consumption. This series of remote control wireless pressure sensors have multiple wireless transmission methods, including GPRS / LORa / NB-iot. What are the characteristics of these different transmission methods?

IOT pressure sensor has functions such as the sensor acquisition speed, the sending frequency, the high and low pressure alarm values, and the instantaneous pressure alarm can be set. At the same time, the configuration of its different wireless transmission methods also brings customers more choices for use:

The wireless digital pressure sensor with GPRS transmission has a fast transmission rate with the mature GPRS network of China Mobile, the pipeline pressure on the spot is uploaded to the cloud. Users can match IP addresses and other conventional parameters on site or remotely.

The wireless digital pressure sensor for LORa transmission, used with LORa gateway, has the advantages of low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong signal penetration, and self-organizing network.

NB-iot transmission wireless digital pressure sensor, using NB-iot technology, has low power consumption, high transmission efficiency, low tariff and other advantages.

IOT pressure sensor remotely customizes the collection frequency through the cloud platform, online viewing of real-time data and historical data, so that customers can accurately and timely grasp the on-site information. It is especially suitable for monitoring the pressure value in the outdoor, remote and troublesome round-trip measurement. In current increasingly convenient communications, I’m sure IOT pressure sensors will also bring us more and more convenience.

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