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How Wireless Pressure Transducers Used in Gas Piping System

Aug 11 , 2023

The gas piping system is an important part of the urban infrastructure while wireless intelligent products, such as wireless pressure transducers are used in its safety monitoring system of gas pipeline network equipment considering the significance of normal and safe supply of gas.


Why Using Wireless Pressure Transducers in Gas Piping System?

The reason why we use wireless pressure transducers in urban gas piping system lies firstly, compared with other pipelines, gas pipelines have particularly strict requirements, because once the pipeline has problems, it may cause fires, explosions, poisoning and other accidents. The wireless pressure meter is a high-tech smart wireless product that can be used to monitor pipeline pressure. When there is a problem with the gas pressure at a monitoring point, we can quickly find it. Since the medium to be measured is natural gas, which is flammable and explosive, the explosion-proof wireless pressure transducer meets all the strict requirements which might challenge ordinary pressure gauges.

How Wireless Pressure Transducers Used in Gas Piping System

What We Benefit from Wireless Pressure Transducers?

Wireless pressure transducer can display data of pressure, temperature, signal, power, etc in real time and on-site. It has functions such as real-time curve and historical curve query, historical list query, data download and printing, and supports equipment list management, map management, device grouping, device name customization and other functions. Moreover, all the above operations can be implemented remotely. We can view all the data from mobile or PC terminals, which brings great convenience to the monitoring and maintenance personnel.


What Else Can Wireless Pressure Transducer Do?

In addition to use in gas pipelines, wireless pressure transducers can also be used in water, petroleum and chemical pipeline,with a wide range of applications, accurate, safe and reliable.


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