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Food Grade Level Measurement: Flat Diaphragm Sanitary Level Sensor

Aug 11 , 2023

Food grade level measurement has always been a global issue. Although most food manufacturers use flat diaphragm sanitary pressure sensors to detect changes in food levels, they are committed to a healthy food culture. However, because the liquid level sensors used by food manufacturers fail to meet the true food-grade and no-clean standards, consumers are complaining that food quality cannot be guaranteed.

The flat diaphragm sanitary pressure transducer is designed for food grade level measurement and inspection. It's main advantage is the ability to perform real-time inspections for different food grade liquids. Secondly, because it uses a hygienic rinsing membrane, measuring different foods at the same time is a no-clean standard. In addition, this new flat diaphragm sanitary level transmitter works well in food-grade processes, detecting food, beverages and milk that are completely non-polluting and resistant to clogging. Today, I will share with you the HPT602 flush diaphragm sanitary level measurement for food grade level monitoring.

The HPT602 flat diaphragm sanitary pressure transducer uses a hygienic rinsing diaphragm design that integrates the wetted diaphragm into the rinsing process when measuring various food levels to achieve a no-clean standard. Even when users are doing a variety of food level measurement and big data collection, users can easily monitor changes in food level. Since the entire level sensor is completely welded by 316L stainless steel, it also ensures complete sealing measurement of the sensor and measuring medium, which is beneficial to improve measurement accuracy and obtain accurate measurement data.

Flush diaphragm pressure transducer were not developed today. But this sensors for food grade level measurement are the choice today!


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