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How Radar Level Sensors Used for Reservoir Monitoring

Aug 11 , 2023

Solution Introduction

The whole system adopts advanced Internet of Things communication and other technologies. It collects rainfall and water level data in the reservoir and provides real-time data. With a weather station combined, when the water level of the reservoir exceeds the warning water level, the reservoir management personnel can use the system to issue early warning to the downstream threatened areas.

System Structure

It consists of radar level sensors(ultrasonic/submersible level sensors optional), wireless gateways, cameras, rain gauges, cloud platforms and so on.

How Radar Level Sensors Used for Reservoir Monitoring

System Features

1. 7/24 continuous automatic monitoring;

2. Automatic data collection and real-time transmission of data such as reservoir water level, and rainfall around the reservoir.

3. Intelligent remote monitoring without frequent on-site check and inspection

4. When the monitoring parameter exceeds the preset warning value, the system will issue an alarm message;

5. Reliable and secure communication, support 3G/4G/5G, LoRa, Lora Wan, Zigbee and so on;

6. The system adopts low power consumption design and has a wide range of application scenarios;

7. It can be powered by solar power or city power, which is suitable for remote areas where city power is a challenge.

Solution Applications

It can be used in various fields, such as reservoirs, rivers, lakes, urban waterlogging and so on.



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