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HR263 26G Radar Level Transmitter

Radar level transmitter is a non-contact, microprocessor controlled, easy to install and maintain digital level instrument. measure the maximum distance to 70 meters.

Application :

● Solid material

● Process container or strong dust

● Radar with purging function

● Condensation occasions

● Liquid with foam

● Powder

01Small antenna size, easy to install; Non-contact radar, no wear, no pollution.
02Almost no corrosion, bubble effect; almost not affected by water vapor in the atmosphere, the temperature and pressure changes.
03Serious dust environment on the high level meter work has little effect.
04A shorter wavelength, the reflection of solid surface inclination is better.
05Beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, can enhance the ability of echo and to avoid interference.

Technical Data

Measurement Span

0 to 70 meters

15m/20m/35m (powder);

20m/30m/45m (particle);

35m/45m/55m(lump materials)


Signal Output:

4...20mA/HART (2 wires/4 wires) RS485/Modbus

Process Connection

Multidirectional flange

Medium Temperature


Process Pressure

-1Bar~1 Bar



Proof Grade



DC24V or 85-265VAC

The Frequency Span

up to 26G Hz

Explosion proof grade

Exib ⅡCT6 Gb

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