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How Water Level Dip Meters Work

Aug 11 , 2023

Water level dip meter is a device for level measurement in deep wells, borehole etc. And it's generally composed of a probe, a steel ruler cable, a receiving system and a winding reel.

Here is how water level dip meter works:

1. The probe: generally made of stainless steel, with a water resistance contact point installed inside. When the contact touches the water surface, it will connect to the receiving system, and when the contact leaves the water surface, it will automatically close the receiving system.

2. Steel ruler cable: the graduated steel ruler adopts special process, which not only prevents the steel ruler from rusting, but also makes the measurement and reading more convenient and accurate.

3. Receiving system: it is composed of buzzer and a peak indicator. The buzzer emits continuous buzzing sound. The peak indicator is the pointer indicator of the voltmeter. The two can be selected through the switch, no matter what kind of the receiving system is used, both have the same measurement accuracy.

4. Winding reel: It is composed of a winding disc and a stand. The receiving system and batteries are all placed in the core chamber of the reel, and the steel ruler cable is wound outside the chamber.

Due to the working principle of this water level dip meters, it's quite simple and convinient for operators to use in the level measurement.



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