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How We Install Water Level Data Loggers

Aug 11 , 2023

The invention and wide use of water level data loggers is mainly resulted from the continuous growing demand for water resources, as the ability to assess the impact of urban development and agriculture on water resources is more important than ever. In recent years, water resource experts or managers, engineers and hydrologists have a greater demand to monitor groundwater and surface water levels with these devices in order to document baseline and changing water levels over time.So, how to install them is essential to get accurate and reliable data.

Installation Method for Different Applications

Many options are available for installing water level data loggers, but essentially these installation methods can be divided into two categories: free suspended or fixed installations. Decide to apply which installation usually depends on the application. If we use in a pond,water pool, or well, it is very easy. The loggers are simply directly inserted, and generally hung via suspension wire, commonly used in wells. In some cases, they are put in a protective pipe or a casing and then attached to a permanent fixture. A PVC pipe is often used and the cost is very low.But for more complex condition, like for coastal or deeper applications, or there is some risk that the device would be damaged by hitting the walls or other dangerous factors, you can fix it firmly with the help of metal straps or clamps.


                           How We Install Water Level Data Loggers


No matter which installation of water level data loggers is used, the best way is to choose the right device for the specific occasion following the instruction of the device chosen, since different devices from various manufacturers work well for different reasons.


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