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How to Choose Radar Level Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

Radar level sensors have a wide application range so they get popularity in recent years but some people may have questions on how to choose the right product since there are so many types of radar level sensors on the market.

Tips for Radar Level Sensor Selection

The antenna is one of the most important part of radar level sensors and there are typically three types of antennas on the current market. Different types of antenna work well in different medium and applications, and we can choose from this aspect accordingly.


                                                                     How to Choose Radar Level Sensors


Rod antenna radar level sensor: Generally it is suitable for medium which is corrosive or of high-temperature. And its reflection angle is big, the S/N is small and the accuracy is relatively low, so this type of sensor is suitable for measurement in vessels with large diameter, but with small measurement range or for corrosive medium.

Parabolic antenna radar level sensor, which is a new type, features small reflection angle, and is suitable for measurement requiring high-precision or with obstacles.

Horn antenna radar level sensor is a new type of radar level sensor which features a large diameter of horn and quite good receiving and transmitting performance, with a large application range. It has high working pressure and good focusing performance. Medium of high temperature can be measured. The reflection angle is smaller than that of rod type. With higher accuracy, it is widely used in storage tanks, buffer tanks, reaction tanks and etc. Besides, horn antenna is easy to clean and has great corrosion resistance.


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