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How to Install Precession Vortex Flow Meters

Aug 11 , 2023

Precession vortex flow meter adopts a relatively new micro-processing design, and has the advantages of wide flow range, accurate measurement, convenient installation and use. While to utilize its measurement effect, there are some notices when installing it.

How to Install Precession Vortex Flow Meters

Installation Notices

1. The precession vortex flow meter can be installed in vertical, horizontal or any inclined position according to the flow direction sign;

2. When the pipeline is long or is close to the vibration source, supports should be installed upstream and downstream of the flow meter to reduce the impact of pipeline vibration;

3. The installation site of the sensor should have enough space to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the flow meter, and should meet the environmental requirements of the flow meter;

4. The interference of external strong magnetic fields should be avoided;

5. When installed and used outdoors, there should be a cover to avoid sun exposure and rain;

6. When testing the pipeline pressure, note the pressure measurement range of the device equipped should be compliant with that of the application, to avoid damage to the sensor due to overpressure.


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