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How to Maintain Water Level Meter

Aug 11 , 2023

Water Level meter is an accurate method to measure the water level. The correct operation is very important and its maintenance also matters in order to get the accurate data.

Maintenance Note 1

There are some notes for the maintenance of water level meters:Due to the limited battery capacity, turn it off immediately after the measurement is completed, and when replacing the battery, lay down the steel ruler cable from the winding reel, unscrew the self-tapping screws on the front panel, and remove the front panel to replace the new battery. After the measurement, the probe and the steel ruler cable must be wiped clean, and the steel ruler cable must be neatly wound on the winding reel, and then placed in the cabinet.

                                                                          How to Maintain Water Level Meter

Maintenance Note 2

Do not bend the steel ruler cable of the water level meter, especially the part near the end of the probe, to avoid damage and breakage.

Maintenance Note 3

It is prohibited to disassemble the probe of water level meter. Handle with care and avoid violent vibration. If the probe is found faulty, send it to the manufacturer for maintenance.


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