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How to Measure Liquid Level in Dented Vessels?

Aug 11 , 2023

In the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, vessels and containers are commonly used on platforms and dosing systems. To ensure correct dosing, level or volume is measured. Unfortunately, a batch of vessels were damaged and dented accidentally during the long distance transportation, and can’t be well recovered by the side in a short time. They are asking us how they can measure the correct quantity (mass or volume) of the liquid, since the height measurement will be wrong? They would like to know starting from a tank where the height of the liquid varies from 0 to 100%, where 100% is, for example, 10m, and the volume is, for example, 10m3. Since when they have 10m3, the height will be greater.

How to Measure Liquid Level in Dented Vessels?


How We Measure Liquid Level in Dented Vessels?

We have various solutions for this. For example, the level can be determined by our model HPT604-LT, a level and volume level sensor that can measure irregular tanks.

For these dented vessels, considered as irregular, first we measure the liquid level at several points of the irregular vessel end and the corresponding volume, and then use our software to calculate. We only need to manually check the volume corresponding to the different points and the sensor and the software will advise us the actual level value.

Or if there is a measuring cylinder or a scale, we can measure the liquid level corresponding to the missing volume, and then get analog output of the liquid level and adjust the zero point value, so we can obtain the accurate liquid level.

Advantages of HPT604-LT

HPT604-LT is a submersible level sensor. It measures both the level and the temperature of liquids in different types of fuel tanks. HPT604-LT is particularly useful when the tanks are irregular. It also provides the volume and percentage at the same time. Besides, the influence by temperature drift received and poor accuracy in the whole temperature span are also solved.

Holykell is a professional sensor manufacturer with over 20 years. The sensors we develop and produce not only have a high accuracy and a stable quality, but the service life is also long, regardless of where it is used.


Level can be measured in many different ways. Whether the submersible level sensors as described above, or with a radar level sensor, an ultrasonic level sensor or a pressure sensor – Holykell has the right sensor for every application. Your contact with us will gladly help you.


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