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Installation Notes of Gas Mass Flow Meter

Aug 11 , 2023

Gas mass flow meter is a flow meter that works according to the principle of Coriolis Force. It can directly and precisely measure mass flow without any conversion or correction of pressure, temperature, viscosity, density, etc. To ensure its accuracy and lifespan, correct installation is prerequisite.

Notes When Installing Gas Flow Meter

1. Avoid vibration. And make a firm support for the installation pipeline.

2. If a throttling device, such as a flow regulating valve, gas mass flow meters must be installed at the outlet of the flowmeter.

3. Stop valves should be installed at the inlet and outlet of the flowmeter to facilitate zero point calibration after initial installation.

4. Be far away from the pump outlet. Too close installation distance may cause fluctuations in the flow measurement value.

5. Installation direction: Confirm that the direction of the arrow on the sensor is consistent with the flow direction of the fluid.

Just to mention that gas mass flow meter can measure gas, also liquid, liquid-solid and gas-solid, with a quite wide application range.


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