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Installation Notes of Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Aug 11 , 2023

Ultrasonic flow meter is a very common measuring device which can be used to measure the flow rate of water or other fluids. It has many types according to the installation mode, such as a wall-mounted. Correct installation decides the measurement accuracy. Here are some notes.

Select Measuring Point

Before installation of ultrasonic flow meter, note that try to meet the requirements of the straight pipe section, at least 10D from the upstream elbow and 5D from the downstream. If it cannot be met, install the probe as close as possible to the middle downstream. D is the outer diameter of the pipe.

                                       Installation Notes of Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Remove Insulation Layer if Applicable

When installing ultrasonic flow meter, if there is an insulation layer outside the pipe, remove part of the insulation layer according to the installation distance and the installation method. After positioning, ensure that the two sensors are on the same axis. The sensors must be installed on the sides of the pipe. Do not install on the top or at the bottom Special Notes During Installation

In actual measurement, the probe of wall-mounted ultrasonic flow meter should be installed on both horizontal sides of the pipeline considering bubbles in the upper part of the pipeline and sediments in the lower part. If space is limited, it can be vertically installed or installed at an oblique angle on condition that full pipe without bubbles is guaranteed.


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