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Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter Used in Animal Husbandry

Aug 11 , 2023

Micro differential pressure transmitters can be used in animal husbandry. They are part of animal feeding facilities and place a very important part.

Used in Animal Husbandry

Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter Used in Animal Husbandry

More people would adopt micro differential pressure transmitter in animal husbandry as the environmental control is considered one of the most important parts in animal husbandry, thus the animal breeding facilities are considered the critical environment. The stability and quality of animal environment is critical to their health and life.The pressure in the rooms where the animal live and stay may be unique because sometimes the room pressure needs to be positive and other times it needs to be negative. For example, sometimes the cleaning requires that the space be under negative pressure to expel some decontamination chemicals in the air.

What’s a Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter

The differential pressure transmitter is a device that can measure the differential pressure or the gauge pressure of gas and liquid. It can be installed in the ventilation control system to accurately monitor the pressure differential. According to the differential pressure value measured, corresponding ventilation measures can be taken.

Used in Other Fields

Besides in animal husbandry, micro differential pressure transmitters are widely used in various industrial automation environments, involving many industries such as production automation,environmental contamination control, pipeline air supply, boiler, etc.

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