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Notes for industrial differential pressure transducer used in oil depot

Aug 11 , 2023

The application of industrial differential pressure transducer has become increasingly mature, and the technology is also very perfect now. The differential pressure method can be used to measure the liquid level of the oil tank. By measuring the liquid level, the actual quantity of oil in the oil tank can be understood, so as to prevent overflow.

When using industrial differential pressure transducer in oil depots we also needs to pay attention to the following issues: 1. When designing and installing, the pressure opening at the bottom of the oil tank should be considered as low as possible to eliminate errors caused by temperature changes, if necessary introduce temperature compensation. 2. In the case where the horizontal cross-section of the tank of the oil tank is unequal (such as small above and large below), compensation measures shall be considered. 3. In order to achieve a certain accuracy, if a breathing valve is installed on the top of the oil tank, a differential pressure transmitter must be used instead of a pressure transmitter. When the open oil tank or the accuracy is not high, the pressure transmitter can be directly used to facilitate the installation. 4. Use the smart meter as much as possible for the secondary meter, which can easily change the range and realize temperature compensation. 5. The negative pressure chamber where the differential pressure transmitter is installed must be equipped with a water collector and must be drained frequently to prevent the accumulation of water from affecting accuracy.

Due to the high accuracy and small relative error of industrial differential pressure transducer, it is unmatched by other measurement methods when a large amount of oil is stored in and out of storage, and is particularly suitable for monthly, quarterly, and annual inventory to provide accurate data for oil depot management.

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