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Refrigeration pressure sensor used in HVAC system

Aug 11 , 2023

A manager in charge of building control in Columbia recently contacted us for a pressure sensor in their HVAC systems.

In HVAC systems, refrigeration pressure sensors can be used to monitor the condition of refrigerant. Refrigerant is a working fluid that is used in the refrigeration cycle of air conditioning systems and heat pumps. It in most cases undergoes a repeated phase transition from a liquid to a gas and back again, which will decides if the refrigeration system works fine or not. If the refrigeration system is not properly measuring all of the inputs and outputs, then our system will not function well. The manager suffered serious monitoring problem before choosing our product. What he used had leakage problem, which resulted from water ingression and finally measurement inaccuracy.

Refrigeration pressure sensor used in HVAC system

Refrigeration pressure sensors should have perfect sealing without leakage problem. Holykell refrigeration pressure sensor HPT300-C3 is specially designed and developed for refrigerant. It has decent sealing condition and structure, IP rating is better than IP66 and can work in wide temperature and humidity range. The ceramic core makes it great anti-corrosion resistance.

Now our refrigeration pressure sensors have been installed and working fine on the site. If there is insufficient pressure in the system, they can alert technicians before it becomes leakage or more serious problems.

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