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Submersible Level Transmitters Used in One-stop Solutions

Aug 11 , 2023

Submersible level transmitter is very common in current water level measurement. Holykell provides three main one-stop solutions for water monitoring and detection, including liquid level monitoring in underground pipe network, water level monitoring in reservoirs/rivers/lakes and rainfall monitoring in weather station.

Liquid Level Monitoring in Underground Pipe Network

It consists of submersible level transmitters/ultrasonic level sensors/wireless level sensors optional. This solution is suitable for urban pipe network monitoring, underground monitoring and intelligent agriculture,firefighting system and etc. It real-time online collects, detects and transmits underground pipe network water level data at all the monitoring points. And wireless and remote measurement and control by unmanned monitoring can be realized.


                                                        Submersible Level Transmitters Used in One-stop Solutions


Water Level Monitoring in Reservoirs/Rivers/Lakes

The system remotely monitors the water level and rainfall in reservoirs, lakes and rivers, and provides accurate and timely on-site information to ensure proper water storage and prevent against flood in the area. Power supply is not available in part of sites, and solar energy can be used instead.


                                                                                   Submersible Level Transmitters Used in One-stop Solutions

Rainfall Monitoring in Weather Station

It real-time monitors local rainfall and automatically collect data, and when it’s equipped with submersible level sensors, wind speed and direction sensors, comprehensive water level and weather information is provided.


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