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The Best Way to Remote Water Level data logging

Aug 11 , 2023

There is the best way to remote water level datalogging to use submersible water level logger. Although the traditional type of immersion level sensor has a very good effect on liquid level measurement, it cannot meet the big data acquisition and analysis of water level monitoring. Secondly, the ordinary submersible type liquid level sensor cannot store measurement data for a long time, so it is not suitable for large-scale water level data recording. In other words, choosing a HQ small-diameter diver water level data logger can effectively record the water level data, which is the best solution for water level monitoring.

Since there are so many advantages of water level data recorder, how to choose a suitable water level data logger for yourself? Let's take a simple analysis together.

What's the submersible water level data logger?

The submersible water level logger is a pressure type water level data instrument for long-term monitoring of surface water and groundwater level. Based on the principle of hydrostatic pressure in which the pressure is proportional to the water depth, a high-stability pressure-sensitive element is used. The sensor output signal is subjected to precision signal conditioning, and the microprocessor performs full digital linear correction and temperature compensation to obtain a stable and high-precision water level value. The water level data instrument that can currently be recorded by data analysis is the HPT675 diver water level recorder. Because it not only records water level changes, pressure and temperature data, but also measures a variety of media (pure water, ground water, tap water, sea water, etc.)

Why need HPT675 submersible water level logger to record level data?

The HPT675 reomte water level data logger is a data logging instrument developed for any water quality measurement needs. It adopts RS485 communication interface and communication protocol based on Holykell, which is convenient for users to use in large-scale networking. On the other hand, the sensor housing is made of titanium alloy and ultra-low power technology, which has superior anti-fouling ability, which is very suitable for use in harsh environments in the wild. Since the recorder itself has a recording function, it can also be remotely transmitted to the server for viewing and recording. Remote data viewing can be performed anytime, anywhere using any computer with internet access.

Choosing a high-stability water level recorder is the best way to record remote water level data. In the face of a wide variety of data recording instruments, we need to select the appropriate water level recorder according to the actual measurement needs.


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