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Turbine Flow meter for Diesel Monitoring

Aug 11 , 2023

Recently a project leader from an environmental consulting company in the United States finally chose our turbine flow meter after brands comparison. It is used to measure the amount of diesel fuel from the diesel tank to the burner.

Holykell turbine flow meter HLY is a precision flow measuring instrument that absorbs the advanced national and international technology of flow instrument. It is suitable for pipe diameters from DN4-DN200mm with simple installation and maintenance. It can measure the flow and total amount of non-impurity, non-corrosive liquids, such as diesel fuel, water, fuel oil, edible oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, beer…

Turbine Flow meter for Diesel Monitoring

This kind of turbine flow meter features a compact and lightweight structure, high accuracy and good repeatability. The short-term repeatability reaches 0.05%~0.2%. Therefore, it is often preferably used in trade settlements. Being particularly cost-effective, it has become the preferred flow meter for diesel fuel measurement.

Now the devices are working perfect on the field and our customer is quite satisfied according to the survey by the sales.


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