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Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor Used in Chemical Storage Tanks

Aug 11 , 2023

In recent years, ultrasonic fuel level sensors get rapid development due to the great demand from petrochemical industry which has generally been stable in production.

Why We Need Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor in Chemical Storage Tanks

Ultrasonic fuel level sensors can be well used in the oil and chemical storage tanks since petrochemical projects become more and more large-scale, the number and scale of storage and transportation tanks have been on the rise in recent years, and the scale and volume of single storage tanks have also become larger and larger. The daily safety management of storage tanks pose new challenges to the chemical industries.

                                                                                             Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor Used in Chemical Storage Tanks

What We Benefit from Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensors

We would benefit from using ultrasonic fuel level sensors. As chemicals are flammable, explosive and poisonous, regular level sensor can't be used in such application, while ultrasonic sensor adopts a non-contact measurement mode, so there is no much limitation on the type of medium. And the device would not be damaged. And what's the most important is that the explosion-proof function which is the priority to be considered in such industry. Ultrasonic fuel level sensors are specially designed for fuel measurement, naturally with explosion-proof design and function.

The Leading Measurement Instrument in Chemical Industy

Due to the various advantages of ultrasonic fuel level sensors, they have become as the leading level measuring instrument in the fuel and chemical tanks.

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