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Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor Used in Oil Tank Level Measurement

Aug 11 , 2023

Ultrasonic fuel level sensor adopts a non-contact measurement method, using the principle of relatively constant ultrasonic propagation speed in the same medium and reflection on obstacles. It has certain adaptability when the measured medium are in dark, smoke, toxic, corrosive and other harsh environments,therefore, it has important practical significance in industrial measurement.

                                                                                         Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor Used in Oil Tank Level Measurement

At present, ultrasonic fuel level sensor is widely used in industries, such as oil tanks, mainly to measure liquid level, temperature, density or pressure, etc. By calculating liquid volume to prevent accidents such as overflow and evacuation.     

Using ultrasonic fuel level sensor for oil level measurement has many advantages. First, non-contact measurement method eliminates the trouble of frequent cleaning and calibration, and the measurement accuracy is not affected by the light, viscosity, and impurities of the medium. Secondly, some ultrasonic level sensors on the market have a built-in temperature sensor which enables to measure and display temperature at the same time.In addition, it is recommended to buy integrated type, which is easy to install with higher explosion-proof property.

To measure oil level, ultrasonic oil level sensor is not the only option. Float or radar level sensors, etc can also be used. However, the installation and maintenance of float level sensor is relatively troublesome. Radar level sensor has high accuracy but price is high, ultrasonic oil level sensor is very suitable for the oil level measurement of oil tanks.


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