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Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter for Textile Industry

Aug 11 , 2023

The textile industry is a labor-intensive and highly dependent industry in China. As the world's largest producer and exporter of textiles and clothing, our textile industry has developed fast while at the same time, it is also a highly polluting industry. In the production process of the chemical fiber, some products use a large amount of acid and alkali, and eventually produce harmful substances such as sulfur, sulfuric acid, and sulfate, which cause serious pollution to the environment and waste water is formed.

To measure the waste water on line and economically, we recommend you ultrasonic open channel flow meter.

Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter for Textile Industry

Holykell ultrasonic open channel flow meter UFL9000 adopts a non-contacting measurement, which is not affected by the corrosion, temperature of the medium. It is clean without cleaning difficulty and maintenance concern. No production stop required. The measurement accuracy is up to 1.0%. Various output signals are supported. The cable length between the probe and the host is 100 meter max. The probe is with leak-proof structure and IP68 protect grade, suitable for long term outdoor use.

Actually, there are other options for the waste water flow measurement. Each type of flow monitoring devices have its own advantages and are suitable for different cases. We can provide you with the most appropriate solution based on your specific budget.


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