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Water Level Data Logger For Water Resources Exploration

Aug 11 , 2023

As water resources exploration becomes more and more difficult, the advantages of water level data logger have attracted much attention. The data loggers are designed by different manufacturers to look and work differently, but have been developed for remote monitoring of water levels. In essence, it can be used to monitor the sewage or waste water level. Compared with the ordinary submersible water level sensor, it has the advantage of being able to store about 5000 pieces of data and has the anti-pollution capability of replacing titanium alloy material.


                                              Water Level Data Logger For Water Resources Exploration


We've seen some advantages of the water level logger, and at this point you have to wonder whether its anti-pollution and remote monitoring functions are useful for water exploration. If you think about it, whether it's an area rich in hydraulic resources, or an area that needs to be explored underground for fresh water, that area must be unfamiliar to us, and it's soil, water quality and power supply will affect our measurement schedule. Remote unfamiliar waters would be existence of abnormal power supply, if use diesel generators, will no doubt increase the cost, based on the opinions of the minority, when we use the submersible water level sensor, although it has advantages of high precision and low maintenance costs 0.25% FS, but there is no guarantee that the stability of the power supply, in addition, this kind of sensor need artificial calibration and monitoring data, therefore, it is not the optimal scheme of water level monitoring.

After careful analysis, the water level data logger is still a mystery. According to the development of the sensor, we found that the heat of non-contact measurement is very high. This is because non-contact measurement has good compatibility. Because the level sensor can be used in water, oil, wine or beverages, it has a wide range of applications. But we have neglected it's price and maintenance cost, as well as the difficult calibration method. In addition, the operation of radar level sensor or ultrasonic level sensor requires skilled sensor knowledge and hands-on ability. If I am just a middleman instead of an engineer, how can I become familiar with complex operation methods in a short time? It is important to note that non-contact measurements need to be stabilized under specific conditions.

Through careful analysis of a series of level sensors, we agree that the remote water level data logger has unique advantages. The reasons are as follows: first, all titanium alloy housing can be used in any corrosive and corrosive medium. Second, it has a higher accuracy (±0.05%) than other types of sensors. Third, 3.6V battery power is not only cheaper, but also easier to collect data in unfamiliar waters. Fourthly, 5000 pieces of data of pressure, liquid level and temperature can be collected at the same time, and can be viewed at any time. Fifth, RS485 and USB communication interface more in line with the use of wireless terminal devices. In a word, remote water level data logger is the best choice for water level monitoring.






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