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Water Level Pressure Sensor for Stilling Well Monitoring

Aug 11 , 2023

An America water supply company recently contacted and told us that they need a water level sensor that are to be used at the surface water level stations in a protective house with stilling well which will be constructed by a different bidder. The preferred water level sensor is a pressure transducer.

They expect each water level sensor will have related certificates and be able to output water level and also water temperature. Besides, all the sensors will be connected to a data logger for automatic data storage and transmission. For this case, our water level data logger HPT675 is a perfect option. It is a water level sensor and also a data logger. It monitors and outputs water level data and also the water temperature data at the same time.

Water Level Pressure Sensor for Stilling Well Monitoring

The water level sensor has a built-in data logger that can stores the related data that can be downloaded via a reader to the computer, so that no extra data logger is required. It supports external power supply and also battery power that is provided by a long-life lithium battery, which well solves the city power supply challenge in the wild. This water level sensor has exceeded the expectation of the company. Now all the sensors have been installed and working fine on the site.


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