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What Factors Affect Turbine Flow Meter Accuracy

Aug 11 , 2023

Turbine flow meter is a flow monitoring device with high measurement accuracy. They are sensitive to field conditions and have stricter requirements on working conditions and installation conditions. Users must meet these as much as possible. For example, the turbine flowmeter has certain requirements on the straight pipe sections of the upstream and downstream. Incorrect installation will cause measurement failure.

Why the accuracy of the turbine flow meters is decreased during use? Following might be the cause:

What Factors Affect Turbine Flow Meter Accuracy


1. Generally speaking, there are some impurities in the medium, which will destroy the dynamic balance of the moving parts, reduce the rotation speed and increase the movement resistance.

2. Changes in fluid temperature and pressure at the flowmeter may cause the liquid in the pipe to escape air. Or because the pressure in the pipe is lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the fluid, part of the liquid becomes vapor. Due to the negative pressure of the medium, external air is also sucked into the pipeline. The air flows with the measured liquid, causing the increase of the indicated value of the meter.

3. Fiber or viscous impurities in the fluid are connected to the rotating part of the flowmeter, which increases the resistance of the rotation and reduces the indicated value of the meter, resulting in a measurement error.

4. Magnetic field interference, high temperature, vibration, dust, and humidity may cause malfunction or failure of turbine flow meters, and directly lead to the indication error.

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