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What Should A HVAC Pressure Transducer Be

Aug 11 , 2023

Refrigerant is a working fluid that is used in the refrigeration cycle of air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Measuring the refrigerant pressure in these systems can diagnose operating problems including refrigerant leakages, over-charging or under-charging problems.

Then what we can use? A professional HVAC pressure transducer can help. This transducer is a newly developed product dedicated for pipeline pressure of air-conditioning refrigeration units,, air source heat pumps, internal pressure of compressor inlet or outlet pipings, and also building control. Its fully sealed structure makes it no leakage, no condensed water ingress during work, and it can suffer 3 times of burst pressure and 2 times of overload pressure.

Besies, it has wide working temperature range and digital temperature compensation function that enable it operate stably in high and low temperature, and humidity environment, which avoids these impact caused on the product and improves long term stability in the environment.

Therefore, when the HVAC pressure transducer measures the refrigerant pressure at the air conditioning compressor or condenser unit and find the reading too low on the high pressure side(compressor output) or on the low pressure side (compressor input or suction line), the staff can know the problem with the compressor’s ability and thus take immediate measures.

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