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What Types of Ultrasonic Level Sensor Available from Holykell

Aug 11 , 2023

Holykell develops accurate and reliable level controls for a wide range of process industries, the level monitoring devices need to be precise and dependable, such as our ultrasonic level sensors.

We provide different types, including the integrated type and the split type.

Integrated Type

Integrated ultrasonic level sensor offers both ABS housing and cast aluminum housings. For ABS housing, we provide two-wired system and four-wired system. The two-wired system version has non explosive-proof version and explosive-proof version. The four-wired system version is non explosive-proof version that has non-corrosive and corrosive versions. For aluminum housing version, we have the same options as the ABS housing, the only difference is that we have extra explosive proof version for the four-wired system.

What Types of Ultrasonic Level Sensor Available from Holykell

Split Type

Holykell split ultrasonic level sensor is made of ABS housing, and offers corrosive resistant version and non-corrosive resistant version.

For different types and wires, our ultrasonic level sensors have different appearance and be made of different materials, so as to suit different applications and working environment. For example, the anti-corrosive version generally has a white probe that is made of PVDF. It can measure corrosive medium without the concern of inaccuracy.

Generally, integrated ultrasonic level sensors occupy 90% among ultrasonic level instrument, which is common in industrial fields, environment protection and so on. And the split types occupy 10%, which are used in water conservancy project and municipal engineering.

In both continuous and point level detection, our ultrasonic level probe can measure even in complex process conditions, whether it be sticky substances, foam or dusty environments. Contact us for more technical documents and product suggestions.


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