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Why We Use Water in Fuel Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

Water in fuel sensor(WIF sensor) or HPT604-FW is a device designed to detect the presence or absence of water in fuel. WIF sensors have become increasingly popular in these years with the development of petrochemical industries.


Why We Use WIF Sensors

The reason why we install a water in fuel sensor lies that nowadays water contamination is very common in our current diesel or fuel tanks. The presence of water in diesel or fuel systems may cause problems, for example, water causes rust and the corrosion of iron components and tanks, loose particles of iron oxide may form which contribute to system failure.Water that makes it past the fuel filtration system to the injector system, since it doesn’t have the same lubrication as diesel fuel oil, can cause premature wear and injector failure.

                                                                            Why We Use Water in Fuel Sensors

How WIF Sensors Help


The job of the water in fuel sensor is to alert you of the presence of water in your diesel fuel. The device is made by MEAS high stable and reliable OEM piezo-resistive pressure sensor, with great sensitivity and accuracy provided. And the probe tip on the bottom of the sensor is responsible for detecting the presence of water, and then the data collected would be transmitted in the form of signals, so people know it's time to remove the water.


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