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Wireless Pressure Sensor for Seawater Desalination Process

Aug 11 , 2023

Reverse osmosis method, as one of the common methods of seawater desalination, requires the use of high-pressure equipment for freshwater production in the whole process. One step is to transfer the seawater in the water tank to the side of the high-pressure pump through the water supply pump. In order to ensure the success rate of the production, monitoring equipment such as wireless pressure gauges and magnetic flow meters are usually installed to ensure the normal operation of the entire operation process.

Wireless Pressure Sensor for Seawater Desalination Process


These professional measurement equipment for various data monitoring required in seawater desalination equipment are important during the process. One typical device for pressure monitoring is Holykell H2601 remote pressure monitoring system. This wireless type pressure sensor can collect the pressure data of the pipeline systems accurately and transfer the data to the cloud platform where the data can be viewed at any time via a mobile phone or a computer. Which means the staff do not need to stay on the site for data collection.

And an example of electromagnetic flow meter is 4800 magnetic flow meter, which is quite common in water supply and water treatment industries. It can be installed at the water inlet and outlet for water flow measurement. It provides accurate and stable water flow data during the whole processes.

Wireless pressure sensor monitoring solution would be a trend in the future in this IoT era. We can provide you with more wireless pressure monitoring solutions and other necessary and other types of level or flow monitoring devices according to different demands and budget in the entire seawater desalination process. Welcome your inquiry so our engineers can provide you with more solutions.

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