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26GHz high frequency radar level sensor for corrosive liquid level measurement

March 24, 2020

The 26GHz high frequency radar level sensor is very effective in measuring the level of corrosive liquids. Even if it is not a new level sensor, but it has provided the best solution for measuring corrosive liquid levels in the laboratory and industry.

Review the development history of 26GHz high frequency radar level sensor, from the low frequency development to 26GHz high frequency, and continue to the highest frequency (80GHz), different frequencies, its application range is not the same. For radar level sensors up to 80GHz, it is relatively small and expensive, but it can be used for most of level measurement of sanitary medium. However, for the level measurement of corrosive medium, the 26GHz high frequency radar level sensor is our best choice. In my opinion, whether it is the chemical reagent level monitoring in the laboratory or the storage tank in the chemical plant, their common feature is the small chemical storage tank, which is more practical than the large storage tank in corrosion resistance and applicability. On the one hand, the antenna size of the 26GHz hf radar level sensor is small and easy to install. Secondly, the measurement blind area is smaller, more suitable for small tank level measurement. On the other hand, some corrosive liquids or vapors are not only highly toxic, but also can cause skin loss, and the non-contact measurement method of the 26GHz high-frequency radar level sensor can ensure the safety of workers.

It turns out that only a 26GHz high frequency radar level sensor can solve most of the industrial measurement problems, but if used in special environments and medium, that is another matter.