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80GHz Radar Level Sensor Used in Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry

Aug 07, 2023

With the development of pharmaceutical and chemical industry, China has gradually become a raw material origin and a commodity market, and a major producer.

Aiming at the difficulty in measuring the volatile crystals of chemiluminescence and iodine compounds in this pharmaceutical factory, 80GHz FM radar level sensor is developed and used to measure the material level of the silos.

What We Benefit from 80GHz Radar Level Sensors?

1. Measuring Accuracy

80GHz radar level sensors feature high accuracy, high transmission energy with a small beam angle.

80GHz radar level sensor for medicine level measurement

2. Anti-interference

It adopts a shorter antenna and good directionality, which is more suitable for the level measurement of small storage tanks than the low frequency radar level sensors.

3. Less Requirements on Installation

Thanks to the high frequency adopted, its installation requires less requirements, such as, stirring is allowed without affecting measurement, which might challenge other measuring devices.

4. Better Adaptability in Harsh Working Environment

One of the biggest advantages is that 80GHz radar level sensor is competent in working in harsh working conditions, such as in vacuum, smoke, steam or with pressure and temperature changes.



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