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80GHz Radar Level Sensor for Coalification Process

Aug 07, 2023

In the coal industry, the production needs to go through raw coal bunkers, pulverized coal bunkers, coal washing pools and other processes, the materials used are mostly solids. There are relatively less dust in raw coal bunkers but more dust in the pulverized coal bunkers. And the dielectric constant of the medium is small and the range is long.

In order to perform accurate level monitoring of materials in coalification processes, we recommend 80GHz radar level sensors to replace ordinary measuring instruments that would measure with unsatisfactory results.

high frequency radar levle sensor

High frequency 80GHz radar level sensors has extremely narrow beam and super penetration of dust, which are incomparable over other ordinary microwave pulse and guided wave radar products as their radar waves are gradually absorbed by the micro powder during the emission process, the signal cannot reach the material surface, thus the material level cannot be measured normally. 80GHz high frequency radar level meter, thanks to its higher working frequency, shorter wavelength, and smaller emission angle, transmits and receives electromagnetic waves through a large lens, and is more adaptable to complex working conditions under strong dust and harsh temperature environments. The range can reach 120m, the accuracy 1mm, fully meeting the requirements of the power plant pulverized coal bunkers.

The 80GHz radar level sensors can be used to measure liquids or solids in strong dusting, or blocks or powders. The medium temperature varies -40~120℃, and the accuracy ±1mm, signal output 4~20mA/HART RS485/Modbus…Besides, it can be used in flammable and explosive environment since it is with ExibIIC T6 Gb certificate approved.


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